Who Gets How Much Time

I've noticed a lot of people find BothParents.com when they're looking for information about custody schedules. Ask.com has a great article with 12 examples of common calendars/schedules. Check it out.

A Good Place to Start

At a time when you have more questions than answers, this book has some great advice for how to approach your divorce and co-parenting.

Help for the Dad with Tweens

This book was recommended to me by a great friend. She saw the panic in my eyes when I found a note from (gasp) a boy in my daughter's backpack. I just started reading it so I'll write more later.


This might seem like an odd book for a co-parenting website but what I learned from this book was that there are things more important than jobs - like your children. And if you're clever you can figure out a way to be successful at both.


Suggestions for Other Good Resources?

If you have a book, therapist, mediator, or other thing that helps you parent in a positive way send me a note (scott@bothparents.com) and I'll share it with everyone.