Step 1: Pick your email address.
Thank you for joining!

The first step is to pick your email address. This is the address you can give to teachers, schools, coaches, anyone that needs to get in touch with you and your childrens' other parent.

Emails sent to this address will automatically be forwarded to you both. And you can have them forwarded to other important people like step parents, grandparents, nannies.

Step 2: Create your account.
Setting Up Your Account

Now we need a little bit of information about you and your co-parent.

Your email address will be your username. We also need your co-parent's information. We'll automatically send them an email letting them know you've signed up with - and we'll let them know their username and password. They can change their password once they log in.

Step 3: Set up calendars for each of your children.
Setting Up Calendars

On you'll have separate calendars for each of your children. You need to set up at least one calendar to get started. You can always add more calendars later. After that you're ready to go!

Oh, and be sure to read the Terms of Service
and Privacy Statement They're kinda important.