Getting divorced is hard, staying part of their lives shouldn’t be.

Created by single parents, is a safe, secure, and FREE way for divorced parents to share a calendar, address book, email address and pictures. And you can easily let your kids, step-parents, grandparents, and other caregivers see your calendar and emergency contact numbers. Interested? Check out our Features page.

The nice things people say about us!

“I am divorced as of today. The judge recommended a site called …  After looking that site up it was way way to pricey for a single mom of two. I saw your site and was very happy with how easy it is to use.”

“What a great service you have here….I love it!”

“Thank you for developing this website! I am a Family Court Supervisor and I think your website could be very useful and beneficial to families experiencing divorce and separation. There is a great potential for this website to assist parents in opening lines of communication for the purpose of diffusing conflict.You can to expect to have a wave of referrals to your website as I plan to share this with my staff. Thanks again for providing this free resource for families in crisis.”

“Thank you so much for the fast response! Thanks again, great service all around!”

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