It was something I needed

It’s really that simple. By day I work for a software company in the Silicon Valley. Every Thursday night and every other weekend I’m a dad with an awesome daughter. Well, I’m a dad every day – but you know what I mean.

dog-picAs my daughter got older and busier keeping track of school events, soccer games, and dance recitals simply got harder. And even with the best of intentions, her mother and I didn’t always remember to keep each other up to date. Ugh.

With a little help from my friends

I talked to a couple of friends, also single parents, and they liked the idea of a lot. My friend Bob even offered to host the site. I called in some favors, bought the domain, hired a programmer, and was born.

Why free?

Going through a divorce sucks. is designed to make at least part of it easier. Everyone involved with this project has been lucky enough to have good careers and this is something we wanted to make as accessible as possible.

Good parenting!